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3V3C3S3 - 'Sangre' EP

Photo by Nico Santos.

Chilean electronic/post-punk outfit, 3V3C3S3 (three times three), are back with their brand new EP, ‘Sangre’. The duo is made up of Daniel Cornejo and Fernando Figueroa. They create dark and avant-garde sounds performed mostly by analog synthesisers, drum machines and voices.

The EP contains 3 tracks, each 3 minutes and 33 seconds in length, tying into the mysterious numerological and occult iconography of the project.

The opener ‘Sangre’ is euphoric and transcendent. Dreamy synths breeze gently around the bass driven track, as if you are being taken on a journey through the heavens with Daniel’s mellow and sincere vocals as your guide. The ending transitions into samples of the ocean and birds in the distance, serving both as a fitting ending and perfect aural analogy of the song.

‘Roma’ immediately has a medieval feel. The opening synth bass notes paired with samples of horse galloping and clashing blades lets you know that a battle is about to commence. Instead of being wiped out by a Roman legion, you are floored by incredibly danceable post-punk beats and hypnotic analog synth leads.

The closing track ‘Reflejos’ again shifts the vibes of the EP. It’s a fast paced straight up new-wave/synth-pop gem, with infectious hooks and melodies.

Overall the EP showcases 3V3C3S3’s sonic versatility and masterful ability to convey sound into emotional feeling. These trio of songs have a very organic earthy quality, which is channeled through the combination of real world samples and analog sounds.

The full EP will be available soon on mini CD and cassette via the Pinkbunker label.

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