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Ezi Deth Suggests: Ploho - 'Танцы в темноте'

Ploho are a Post-punk band from Novosibirsk, Russia. They recently dropped their new single ‘Танцы в темноте’ (which translates to ‘Dancing in the dark’) via Artoffact Records. It serves as the third single from their upcoming album ‘Phantom Feelings’ which will be released February 5th, 2021.

The minimal instrumentation is well utilised with its punchy beats, infectious bass line paired with jangly guitar riffs and stabby synths, all existing in superb harmony. This is contrasted by the deep baritone vocals and introspective lyrics such as ‘All of life is like dancing in the dark’, a line that I’m sure is relatable to most. It reminds you that life is unpredictable and we often journey through it blind but we may as well dance though it anyway and enjoy the ride. These elements combined make the song a perfect balance of danceability and despair.

For fans of Molchat Doma, Утро.

Cover art designed by charobay.

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