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Ezi Deth Suggests: SIGNO 13 - 'Serpentário'

Brazil is a jewel for up and coming post-punk, and Signo 13 are one of those acts that reflects the wealth of talent appearing from this region of the world. Forming in Distrito Federal in 2012, the project consists of Felipe Rodrigues (guitar, bass and vocals) and Ruben Cardoso (drums). Prior to their latest album, ’Serpentário’, they have released 3 EPs. ‘Serpentário’ is a solid debut and it consists of 13 masterfully pieced together tracks (15 altogether on the digipak version, which includes 2 bonus tracks). It’s an eclectic mix of post-punk, gothic rock, new-wave and dark punk, demonstrating their versatility and craftsmanship as both musicians and composers.

Cover art was designed by Eduardo Belga.

Opening track ‘Sonhos acordados’ introduces you into their monochrome world, starting with eerie reversed harmonics followed by deep bass lines and tight post-punk beats. The chorus hits you with modulated octave guitar chords and catchy vocal melodies, demonstrating their talents for developing hooks.

‘Liberdade clandestina’ is also a notable belter. It begins subtly with a shabby delay guitar riff that is embellished by sharp staccato bass notes. The song takes you on a slow building melodic trip, that gently teases you with each escalating chorus. This is until the final chorus, which explodes into an epic breakdown. The bass riff suddenly jumps an octave cutting into the forefront of the mix while the drums erupt into a rapid frenzy, with fills occupying every available space. It’s an incredibly satisfying crescendo to finish the song on.

Another great example of the band’s versatility with songwriting is the song ‘Vigiar e punir’. It starts with a sinister picked acoustic guitar melody, which leaves the listener curious to what direction the song will take. Then suddenly you are punched in the face by a stoner rock style sludgy riff, which fades out into a warped surf instrumental section followed by some chugging punk guitars and angular lofi vocal chants. It’s a bizarre combination of elements that shouldn't work on paper, but they made it work superbly.

Overall, the album could easily serve as the soundtrack to a German expressionist inspired film. The sounds that fill this record would perfectly accompany the oblique shapes, jagged silhouettes, sharp edges and shadows that visually feature in this genre. It fully immerses you in Signo 13’s dark world and takes you on aural journey with many unexpected twists, turns and nuances that are newly discovered after multiple listens. It’s a highly recommended gem. The full album is available on compact disc which you can order from their Bandcamp.

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