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Feature: _SHOE - 'Spectral Code'

Greetings! Today we’re gonna take you deep into the servers of Lincoln & Lloyds and introduce you to the rogue malware, _SHOE. Its goal: to take over the world with infectious dark synth tunes.

Its latest release ‘Spectral Code’ offers an immersive auditory experience, blending majestic arpeggiated leads with 80s retro filter sunset vibes. The dark synth pads and cyberpunk electronic sounds add a thrilling edge, perfectly capturing the essence of this rogue malware’s world domination quest. Crystal clear production ensures every nuance shines, making this tune a mesmerising bop. 

So what are you waiting for, add ‘Spectral Code’ to your ‘trojan tunes/virus infused beats’ playlists now!

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