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Feature: Adam Bostock - 'WAR'

Looking for a colossal tune that’ll shatter your cranium whilst simultaneously raising the hairs on the back of your neck? We’ve found the right one for you.

Adam Bostock's 'WAR’ is an epic, hybrid industrial/electronica anthem of biblical proportions, filled with powerful prog-metal drums, elevating synth arrangements and gargantuan guitar chords. Bostock’s vocal performance is dynamic; he teases us in the verse with his subtle Reznor-esque delivery, which delicately escalates before all hell is let loose. ‘WAR, THIS IS WAR’, a ferocious battle-cry erupts into the chorus, highlighting the versatility and range of Bostock’s vocals.

It pumps your veins full of adrenaline. Imagine that you’re the main character in a sci-fi space battle epic. You’re in the hangar about to weapon up and get in the cockpit, and as you disembark into space ready to take on the bad guys, the chorus hits. It’s a tune to get you rallied up and do legendary things and that’s precisely why you should stream the fuck out of it.

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