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Feature: Aldorfrea - 'In Deepest Isolation'

Aldorfrea are a black metal project from the northern shores of England. Formed in May 2021, the project recently released their debut EP, ‘In Deepest Isolation’. It is a blend of raw and atmospheric black metal that delves deep into medieval history and folklore. The line-up for this record consists of Cwellere (Bass), Draugr Krypt (Guitar) and Troll (Vocals/Drums).

The opening track, ‘A Foul Day of Myst and Hayle’ sets a forbidding scene. Rain, thunder and echoes wail in the distance, like mist clearing and slowly uncovering the aftermath and horror of a catastrophe. The lyrics detail the grim events of Black Monday in 1360, where over 1000 English soldiers died in France during the Hundred Years War in a sudden freak storm, which saw men freezing, pelted with huge hailstones, and stampeded to death by their own startled horses, to a backdrop of lightening. The music encapsulates this chaos, as you are thrown right into the centre of it. A constant hailstorm of thunderous drums, rapid guitars and guttural vocals cement the idea that there is no escape from your impending doom. The storm will tear the flesh from your bones and you will die cold and shivering in the mud.

‘Shadow of Barghest’ is a nod to the omen of death Barghest, a mythical black dog in Northern English folklore with razor sharp teeth and claws, although some say it can take other forms. Blackened distorted guitars, a creeping tempo and dissonant chords create an unsettling and threatening atmosphere, and vulnerable you should feel. Picture yourself in the darkness of night, alone, walking through the old cobblestone streets of a northern English town. Lurking in the shadows is an unfathomable beast, its hellish red eyes piercing through the blackness of night. Stalking you, its prey.

Title track ‘In Deepest Isolation’ journeys into the Ninth Circle, spiralling down into the wide open chasm of the abyss, where there is only ice and condemned souls. Ambient textures create depth and space, while authoritative drums and sustained guitar chords add to the tension and unrest. Crazed infernal vocals reinforce that you have now entered Satan’s theatre, sentenced to the frozen lake below for eternity.

This debut EP is a bold and compelling introduction into the dark universe of Aldorfrea. They master the balance of combining deep atmospheric arrangements with unyielding brutality, whilst absorbing the listener into their captivating story telling. The full release is available now via their bandcamp, major digital stores and streaming services.

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