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Feature: Apeiron Bound - 'Astral Reflection'

Every once in a while, when the stars align, an extreme metal track will appear from the cosmos and change your entire perspective on the genre, while simultaneously combusting the cells in your body with its majesticness.

So where can you find an example of such an auditory experience, you might ask?

Well, luckily Apeiron Bound have you covered with their genre-bending behemoth track, ‘Astral Reflection’.

Taking influences from prog-metal, symphonic, trash, groove and fusion, it’s filled with dark twists and turns. Featuring devastating sporadic riffs that will yeet the consciousness from your mortal body to otherworldly sitars that’ll transport you to a blissful dimension, where you’re suspended in sonic purity. All of this spearheaded by a frontman with a ferocious set of pipes.

So if you fancy yourself a grand aural journey across the stars, then this is the song for you. Check it out below!

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