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Feature: DEAD SOIL - '231' EP

Dead Soil is an Industrial Doom band hailing from the Netherlands. The line-up consists of Danny (Guitars/Programming), Marc (Bass) and Gaya (Vocals/Synths). Their most recent EP ‘231’ is a dark and disturbing masterclass in blackened industrial violence and devastating doom metal.

Opener ‘Endless’ wastes no time in packing a savage punch into your gut. The creeping, weighty riffs were definitely written with the intention to rupture some internal organs. The tritone chord progression creates an unsettling presence. This combined with the guttural vocal shrieks create an all consuming, apocalyptic atmosphere and we are all for it.

Second track ‘Remorse’ shows no remorse with its murderous guitar grinding to harsh drum machines and cybernetic synths. It feels like a monolithic mechanical entity with motorised spiders legs, slowly crawling and devouring cities.

EP closer ‘This World Has Moved On’ is the final assault from this terrorising trio of tunes. It begins like a scene from a post-human battlefield, as a barrage of robotic beats akin to machine gun fire pulverise while atomic guitar chugs and icy synths set an eerie tone. The drop hits like a detonation with a cataclysmic mix of brutalising riffs and feral black metal-esque vocals that are delivered with such a visceral performance, that you really feel the end times are here.

‘231’ is available to purchase digitally via FIXREC.

Buy '231' on cassette tape via Matriarch Records.

Follow DEAD SOIL on Instagram.

Follow DEAD SOIL on Spotify.


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