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Feature: EMOtional xan - 'Under Your Skin' Music Video

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Photo by @kx0101

EMOtional xan is a genre-bending Rap Metal artist that has been dropping blistering tunes since 2017. His music features elements from 90’s metal, southern hip-hop, hardcore-rap and trap, resulting in a fierce wave of heavy sounds.

His latest video for ‘Under Your Skin’ is a bloody and extreme horror show straight out of your nightmares. It features xan and the band thrashing out in an uncanny institution with a good amount of gore and crushing riffs, which forms an anarchic viewing experience.

EMOtional xan’s vocals on this track showcase his versatile talents. The shattering screams of the chorus contrasted with the delicate, eerier takes in the verses sets an intense and chaotic atmosphere.

You can watch the full video directed by babyave below!

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