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Feature: GLDN - 'Hole'

Welcome to the dark and twisted world of GLDN. ‘Hole’ is their latest offering and it is an unnerving rager from start to finish, filled with crushing industrial violence and explosive melodies.

The opening beat is like a creeping mechanical entity, steadily lurking in the shadows, feeding you its pain with GLDN’s intense lyrical delivery. Cold synths and gated percussion create depth, resulting in an eerie atmosphere that is fitting for 90’s gothic visuals - this track wouldn’t be out of place on The Crow soundtrack.

A corrosive bellow of ‘Losing control’ shatters you into the chorus, supported by a detonation of coarse metal guitars and atomic drum fills.

The juxtaposition between the icy machine-driven electronics and the raw emotion of the vocal performance could be an analogy for the struggle against becoming this dark, mechanical entity, devoid of humanity. Eventually acceptance of the darkness prevails, as the industrial onslaught fades out into a delicate piano piece with GLDN’s words ‘bleeding out, did you ever see something so beautiful?’.

Limited run cassettes featuring all five tracks from the 'Hole' single are available via GLDN's Bandcamp.

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