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Feature: Gravecrawler - 'A Persistent Threat'

You awake from a deep slumber. In a semi-conscious surreal state, you find yourself paralysed with fear at what lurks in a seemingly endless abyss. The shadow of a jagged figure rises towards the ceiling and the silhouette of its claws hang above you, encircling your frozen body. You scream out for help but it’s unclear whether any sound left your lips. But no, it’s too late; the ghoulish entity has come to delete you from this existence.

Gravecrawler’s scalding tune ‘A Persistent Threat’ is a visceral ode to the sleep paralysis demon, which many of us have welcomed at 3am in an overwhelmed, terrified state. It perfectly encapsulates the chaos and horror of said experience, whilst simultaneously improving your life with some sublime brutality.

So, if you like your metal blackened, violent and ramped up to adrenaline-inducing speed, then immediately quit what you are doing and stream this one!

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