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Feature: Kuadra - 'GLORYHOLE'

Greetings, and welcome to another dosage of fire tunes presented by Smrgöth. This week, let us introduce you to dark rap-metal band, Kuadra, and their maliciously groovy song, ‘Gloryhole’.

Kuadra set a nightmarish tone with this number, featuring a terrorising saw synth and a relentless fuzz bass concoction throughout. It’s akin to an unstoppable, behemoth-like monster rampaging through a metropolis, destroying everything in its path. The vocalist's lyrical flow is ferocious, serving an adrenaline-inducing bombardment of bars. This tune will get you so hyped, you’ll be head banging and throwing hands in no time.

Don’t miss out on this tune and be sure to add it to your ‘pov: just going on a rampage’ playlists!

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