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Feature: Mavroskeleto - 'Tragedy’s a Must'

Updated: Feb 9

POV: you’ve just entered a goth club somewhere in Europe, except things are a bit different here…

As you enter, you start to gain attention from the ghostly patrons. Pale eyes follow you as you navigate the smoky, dimly lit dance floor that is pierced by intertwining red strobe lights. This is soundtracked by deathly danceable beats, darkwave synths and a vampiric male vocal narrating the ominous atmosphere with the song, ‘Tragedy’s a Must’. 

On second look, you notice the leather clad occupants aren’t all they appear, as they begin to circle you with hellish red eyes, widening jaws and fangs exposed. It hits you then, the realisation that you’ve unintentionally stumbled upon a vampire club and you’re about to become their dinner! Well, at least you entered oblivion to the sound of an incredibly stylish darkwave track by Mavroskeleto.

Check out ‘Tragedy’s a Must’ by Mavroskeleto below and don’t forget to add it to your ‘Vampire Club Vibes’ playlists!

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