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Feature: Parham Gharavaisi - 'Mirror's Gaze'

Updated: Feb 9

Greetings Smrgöth readers, we’re back with our first offering of darkness for 2024 to prepare you for a year of our best picks of dark and extreme music. 

What’s the best way to start this new solar rotation? Well, how about some blackened extreme metal served up straight from the inferno by Parham Gharavaisi.

Their brand new track ‘Mirror’s Gaze’ is a blistering anthem that features a stampede of blast beats, vigorous guitar chugging and ethereal ascendant leads, accompanied by fierce demonic vocal growls. This combination of aggression and epic atmospherics creates an otherworldly destructive sound, worthy of Hades himself.

With this in mind, there's only one thing that you should do right now and that’s to listen to this track immediately! Check out the full visualiser below.

Follow Parham Gharavaisi on Spotify.

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