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Feature: Ricardo Cesar - 'Ensaio Sobre a Retórica' Video

Ricardo Cesar is a lo-fi/post-punk artist from Ceará, Brazil. Last year he embarked on a solo career for the first time while embracing the DIY spirit: writing, recording and releasing his music independently.

The result was a debut full-length album released in April last year, titled ‘Just Another Day’. It’s an 11 track lo-fi/psychedelic folk record (except for the track ‘Confusion’, which is a nice surprising synth-pop bop). The album has a charming vintage aesthetic, sounding like an old vinyl record that you have just discovered and once played, it turns out to be a long-lost gem.

More recently, Cesar released his latest single ‘Ensaio Sobre a Retórica’, which sees him pursue a different avenue in his musical journey. It’s a hazy and colourful song with incredibly catchy melodies that are delivered by enticing distorted vocals. These are complemented by its lo-fi beats and warm crunchy guitar tones which give it an early 2000’s garage-rock revival feel, reminiscent of The Strokes first album.

True to DIY fashion, the video features Cesar performing in his bedroom cut between shots of vintage film footage, all edited together in a trippy manner. It’s as if we are watching him perform and time travel simultaneously through a kaleidoscope. It also has a similar aesthetic to Spirit Goth Records early music videos and fits nicely with the song, check it out below!

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For fans of Castlebeat, The Strokes.

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