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Feature: Slowkiss - 'Ballerina' Video

Slowkiss are a four piece alternative punk band from Santiago, Chile. Their music is a combination of thick heavy guitar riffs, the visceral energy of punk rock, topped off with infectious pop melodies that are delivered with a scream-in-your-face attitude. They have all of the best elements of the great 90’s Seattle bands entwined with the dark noise of shoe-gaze, resulting in a fresh and modern take. They released their debut full length album titled ‘Patio 29’ in 2019 and recently put out the last video for the album’s song ‘Ballerina’, shot by Rocío Aguirre and edited by Cristian Pino.

The video features singer Elisa’s sister, Lucia, as she takes you on a journey floating gracefully through the empty and dimly lit evening streets. There’s a subtle melancholy that is amplified by the video when you read the lyrics to the song, ‘Sister we’re so far away but anyway I can feel you’. It is especially relatable during these times where most of us are isolated and physically separated from our loved ones. It reminds us that our emotional and spiritual ties are often stronger than any physical boundaries.

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For fans of Sonic Youth, The Distillers.


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