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Feature: Spike Pop - 'So Mysterious'

We’re super excited to welcome Spike Pop to Ezi Deth Rekords. The lo-fi synth pop project was created by London based musician H. McLoughlin. Her music utilises energetic beats and heavy synth riffs with distorted vocals to create a distinctively dark sound.

McLoughlin started making music when living in Berlin in 2014. After an email correspondence with her music hero Stephin Merritt of The Magnetic Fields about what drum machine to buy, she began producing her own electronic music. Later moving to London, Spike Pop took form and she released her first demos on Bandcamp in 2018.

Spike Pop’s first single with Ezi Deth Rekords ‘So Mysterious’ is out today, March 13th. It’s a glitchy, vocoder heavy pop song mixing elements of dance and dark minimal synth-wave. Prepare yourself for a journey into a sonic synth storm combining digital and mystical worlds, in search for the magic eye. Check it out below!

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