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Feature: Stay Sleeping - 'The Dark' (feat. Spike Pop)

Cover art by @a.x.exe

We are thrilled to announce that today we have released Stay Sleeping’s new single ‘The Dark’ featuring label mate Spike Pop, on Ezi Deth Rekords.

‘The Dark’ is a dark-wave vampiric anthem about an anxious girl, hesitant to explore her bloody fantasies. It’s a blood sucking feast of brooding guitars, sinister synths and ghostly vocals that call themselves out to the creatures of night and to all who are in their thrall. This siren call of the undead will make you long for a life in the dark.’ Check it out now below!

Stay Sleeping was brought to life in London by lone noise maker Izzy. Spawning electronic death-wave from the depths of her home DIY studio, Izzy is a goth latinx who is heavily influenced by shoe-gaze, celestial spaces and shadows.

Armed with her favourite jaguar guitar, she has played a role in many different projects over the years, some of which include, For Your Own Safety, Introverts and Majorettes. Izzy is currently the guitarist in Candy Cane, a feminist post-punk/synth-pop trio. Her solo project Stay Sleeping is a mixture of her favourite sounds and noise, utilising electronic beats, oozing textured synths and haunting guitars to create an exquisitely dark world.

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