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Feature: The Leerie - Short Film Fundraiser

The Leerie is an exciting new psychological gothic horror short film by Director Joseph Daly and Art Director Stuart Armstrong, written entirely in Scots language.

The setting is a smog-laden Victorian Scottish town. It’s a film about the fear of change, following a Victorian lamp lighter (The Leerie) and his decline from being a self important proud man to a whimpering child, terrified of the future. When the Leerie is visited by an officious man from the newly-formed electricity board bearing news of his redundancy, his anxiety manifests into a spirit who brings a horrifying message of change.

We’re really passionate about the project here at smrgöth as it’s set to be an experimental horror masterpiece, with an array of talented people working behind the scenes.

They enlisted the help of Dr Susan Rennie, a Scots language expert and lecturer at Glasgow University. She helped translate their English dialogue to period accurate Scots, a feat that adds authenticity to the piece. Costume designer Eve Oakley will bring the visual elements and characters to life, after in-depth research into the typical attire of the era. This will look stunning under cinematographer’s Ann Evelin Lawford's photographic style, which lends itself perfectly to the grainy, impractically-lit black and white aesthetic. Casting director Martin Ware is also on board, he brings expertise from casting work in films such as the recent Star Wars franchise and I.T.

Now, this is where they need our help. Before any shooting can happen, they need to raise £8000 by themselves towards the budget. They have a funder who intends to grant them an additional £15k but only on the condition that they raise the £8000 first.

A Kickstarter campaign has been set up and they have until the 25th of January to reach their target, else this project won’t happen. So if The Leerie excites you as much as it does us, donate what you can and let’s make this a reality!

Donate to The Leerie campaign on Kickstarter.

Follow The Leerie on Instagram.

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