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Feature: The Leerie - Short Film Trailer

Earlier this year we wrote a piece on the Kickstarter fundraiser campaign for the upcoming psychological gothic horror short ‘The Leerie’, written by Joseph Daly and Stuart Armstrong. The £8000 fundraiser target was met by generous Kickstarter donors, with the project further supported by the BFI network, awarding additional funds through the National Lottery. The filming wrapped up back in May and we’re excited that the trailer is now available for viewing, gifting us a glimpse into the dark and foreboding world of 'The Leerie'.

In 1899, a Scottish lamplighter facing redundancy is haunted by nightmarish visions of an electric future. When an officious man from the newly-formed Electricity Board shows up at the Leerie's door, his working days are numbered. As his lodgings become infested with rodents, and his night-time shifts are disturbed by an unearthly spectre, he must reconcile with the future or have his light extinguished forever.

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