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Feature: vedawave - 'The Murder Song'

Photo by Carolina Moreno

The next release on Ezi Deth Rekords is vedawave's new single, 'The Murder Song', released May 8th. vedawave is the industrial/gothic/post-punk project of Birmingham, UK based instrumentalist Dominiq Antonio.

As vedawave describes: ‘The Murder Song’ was inspired by the 1994 film ‘Natural Born Killers’. Mass media sensationalisation of true crime violence, converted into entertainment for the general public, is the film’s main theme. It’s a theme that resonates today, more prevalent than ever in the age of the Netflix crime series.

While violence and suffering are widely condemned, in a juxtaposition there is an undeniable thirst for more binge content that involves the real life demise of others. Perpetrators of horrific crimes gain notoriety and infamy, becoming the subject of morbid fascination and folklore, while the human cost of their crimes is widely overlooked.'

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