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Feature: Vimaara - Dans L'Oeil Du Démon

Dark and melancholic metal project Vimaara presents themselves under the ancient symbol of Ouroboros, the snake eating its own tail. Ouroboros is interpreted as the eternal cycle of destruction and rebirth, but in this context we’ll see it as the eternal cycle of fiery, extreme tunes served up by Vimaara.

Let us introduce you to their darkened track, ‘Dans L'Oeil Du Démon’.

It features crushing blackened progressive metal and orchestral ethereal doom that strikes the perfect balance of the extreme and serene. Your soul will be yeeted from your fleshy body with a barrage of barbarous screams and hard-hitting guitar riffs. Elegant piano and strings counterbalance the effect as your soul ascends to the promised land and the song fades out.

We recommend you add this to your ‘pov: just stared into the face of the abyss’ playlists and lose yourself in the majesty of this track!

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