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Interview: Anum Preto

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Anum Preto is the pseudonym of Brazilian songwriter and producer Aerson Moreira. He is a champion of the DIY philosophy, self producing all of his music and releasing it through his own label Miado Rouco Records. His songs include themes such as confronting urban realities and is influenced by post-punk, new wave and Northeast Brazilian folk music. We're lucky here at smrgöth to have had a chat with the man himself about the project and what inspires him.

Ponto de Mutação is his latest single, which you can check out below!

Tell us about the genesis of the project. How did Anum Preto start and what were your initial musical influences? I played in some bands in my local scene during my early 20s but stopped at some point for a couple of years. In 2019 at the age of 27 I had a lot of poetry written about my life and my philosophies and wanted to start something new in music. Highly inspired by Molly Nilsson, which I'm a big fan of, I decided that it was time for trying to record and release my "creatures" myself. And voilá, that was how I released my three first Singles ("Outros Planos"; "Escala do Tempo"; "Perdendo Os Meus Nervos"; available with English Captions in my YouTube Channel). I don't think those Singles have a very clear musical influence on them, they came out the way the lyrics needed to - but definitely I was into something between 80s Soviet Synth Pop and a little bit of modern Darkwave as She Past Away. After that I started to compose and record my debut album, which my influences grew much more defined, as bands like Molchat Doma and Belgrado.

The lyrics to Ponto de Mutação are interesting and give a sense of introspection. What is the meaning behind the song? This song is inspired by the book of the same name The Turning Point, by Fritjof Capra. As does the book, this song is a call for ourselves to observe the impact of our decisions on other people and in the environment. You mention Northeast Brazilian folk music as being an influence, which artists would you recommend to readers unfamiliar to the genre? Although my music sounds into the spectre of Post-Punk Revival and related genre, my style of lyrics-writing and singing are actually reminiscent of Brazil Northeast's own culture, as of singers like Belchior (see "Coração Selvagem") and Alceu Valença. Your artwork is very visually striking and pairs perfectly with the aesthetic of the music. Are there any visual artists that also inspire your music? Thanks! I'm kind of an Architecture geek, I love the modern and brutalist buildings in my hometown of Fortaleza, and it always amazed me how putting them into darker atmospheres makes them so serious and introspective - and a bit Soviet looking. Since I'm also influenced by Russian/Soviet music and art style, I decided to try joining both and people liked the result. You also run your own label Miado Rouco Records. Tell us about the label and what influenced you to take this DIY approach? Miado Rouco (literally "hoarse meowing" in Portuguese) is my official vehicle for releasing as Anum Preto and any future projects to come. I plan someday to bring other artists into it, but it's still an idea for now. I have a duo with my sister called "Duplicateur Urban", on which we sing in French. D.U. have a Single release called "Espérance", which is available at Miado Rouco's Bandcamp.

How is the Brazilian post-punk scene, are there any local artists/bands you would recommend? Fortunately, in a couple of weeks of my first release, the local Darkwave and Goth scene (mainly related to Underdark Produções) quickly abducted my music and helped me a lot to get National-wide. Since then, I met a lot of good people from existing and newer bands. From my home state of Ceará you can check bands like Pontagulha and Plastique Noir. Other modern Brazilian Post Punk that I enjoy is The Secret Shelson's Band, Codesix and Última Dança. Talk us through your studio set-up and approach to recording? I'm just a guy with a computer, a microphone and an electric guitar... Literally! Finally, what have you got planned next for Anum Preto?

This year of 2021 I plan to keep releasing a single monthly. I'll give it a try. I'm a person who easily gets workaholic on projects and producing entire albums ends up to be very exhaustive.

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