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Ezi Deth Suggests: 09/08/21

Zetra - Care

The shadowy occult-esque duo Zetra are back with their latest gothic-metal ballad ‘Care’ from their impending EP ‘From Within’.

Type O Negative style breezy atmospheric synths are paired with weighty leads and chunky guitars chords, that of which cement themselves into the powerhouse of analog electronic drums. The vocals are spectral in essence, like a creeping voice whispering you ancient secrets in the back of your ear. These elements in combination result in a grand sound that glistens with opulence.

There’s a sense of nostalgia and familiarity with the track, that makes you feel like you’ve heard it before somewhere. Maybe it does exist in a parallel universe as a hit from a cult horror movie classic, and its found its way into our timeline. I wouldn’t be surprised as there is an otherworldly and mystic nature to Zetra, which is both exciting and much needed in this digital age.

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Zeal & Ardor - Erase

‘Erase’ is the latest single from Swiss avant-garde metal band Zeal & Ardor’s upcoming third album. It’s a genre-bending cacophony of soothing beauty intertwined with visceral brutality, referencing death metal, progressive metal and some bluesy soul notes.

The intro entices you with an ambient and melodic guitar passage, accompanied with band leader Manuel Gagneux’s smooth and husky voice chanting ‘We’re the only ones left alive’. This is then abruptly pulverised into oblivion, with chugging guitars, drums blasting like cannon fire and gut-wrenching screams. This duality of sound is consistent throughout the track and each exacerbates the another, making every transition hit even harder.

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Johnny Goth - Midnight

The ghoulish Johnny Goth recently released his new sensuous track ‘Midnight’.

Lo-fi hip-hop beats and a fuzzy omnipresent synth bass drive the track, while glitchy guitars interplay with wraithlike vocals. The little sonic intricacies that creep up subtly in the mix is what makes this track so pleasurable to listen to, the samples and sound effects hidden in between the instruments add depth and tension, even if you are unaware of them at first listen. It’s the perfect accompaniment for your post nightfall city explorations.

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