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Ezi Deth Suggests: Metal Recs #3

Hello and welcome to 'Ezi Deth Suggests: Metal Recs #3', an eclectic playlist curated by Ezi Deth Rekords.

Here are our top picks from the metal realm. Prepare for some of the most heavy riff laden, dark and brutal tunes on our radar. Tunes, vibes, links. Enjoy!

1. Nervosa - Endless Ambition

Vibes: Pure extreme metal savagery x ∞.

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2. KOUTA - Sukujyrkkämä

Vibes: Epic blackened folk metal worthy of the gods.

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3. Love Ghost - Jealousy

Vibes: Dark emo fire.

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4. Malxolm Brixkhouse - See-Through

Vibes: Melodic groove metal heat.

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5. Paledusk - I'm ready to die for my friends feat. VIGORMAN

Vibes: Mind bending hyper-metal.

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6. vedawave - Damned

Vibes: Vampires.

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7. Goth Girlfriend - Disguise

Vibes: Glitchy, industrial, catchy as fuck.

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8. Godflesh - Nero

Vibes: Cataclysmic industrial violence from the creators.

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