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Ezi Deth Suggests: 3V3C3S3 - 'Ciudad Ninja'

Photo by Vero Mata

3V3C3S3 are a dark-wave/synth-punk duo from Santiago, Chile. The project was conceived in 2020 as a remote co-production endeavour by Daniel Cornejo and Fernando Figueroa, utilising analog synthesisers and drum machines to develop a dark electronic dance sound. They recently released their second teaser single ‘Ciudad Ninja’ from their upcoming EP, soon to be released on all platforms.

Immediately the listener is greeted with a demoniacal synth bass riff that pulsates to a backdrop of rain, thunder and ghostly vocal chants. It gives a sense that a catastrophe is imminent and this idea is further reinforced by a vocal sample referencing Aldous Huxley’s dystopian social science fiction novel ‘Brave New World’. As the beats enter and the soundscape develops, it feels like you’re entering a twisted fairytale while spiralling down into the abyss. The vocals enter distorted and roaring in anguish, as the percussion progresses into a frenzy with sickly quivering bass-lines and intricate synth leads. This is the sound of the apocalypse and it’s incredibly danceable.

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