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Ezi Deth Suggests: Dark Hip-Hop Recs #1

Eclectic Dark Hip-Hop recommendations. Playlist curated by Ezi Deth Rekords.

Santos Santana + Sect Unit - 'Or The Dead Are Free'

‘Or The Dead Are Free’ by Santos Santana + Sect Unit is an open invitation into the shadows. It features a bass heavy trip-hop style instrumental, with tense keys and misty atmospherics. This when paired with Santos + Sect's bars give the track a sense of contemplation, akin to those dark thoughts we all experience from time to time in the late hours. This tune is for all those who find comfort in darkness.

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Ho99o9 - 'Battery Not Included'

‘Battery Not Included’ is the latest single by hip-hop/punk rock outfit Ho9909. Get ready to be taken on a wild ride with this tune. It’s noisy, glitchy and over the top but it also has it’s serene moments amongst the chaos. It’s basically an eclectic head-fuck of sounds and you’re better off just listening to it right now.

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TWENTYTHREE + Istasha- 'Pale Orchard'

Ghostly, haunting and monumental. ‘Pale Orchard’ is the latest song by TWENTYTHREE featuring Istasha. The instrumental is eerie yet propulsive with deathlike sirens and dynamic sub-bass stabs, driving the track forward. Both artist's verses are delivered robustly with a powerful flow that feels like it’s building up to something greater than ourselves. A solid offering.

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8corpses - 'NOISE'

There are few artists that touch upon the ugly side and mental toll of this modern digital era in such a raw, unfiltered and relatable way. 8corpses is one of these rarities. He wears his demons on his sleeve with his track ‘NOISE’, with lyrics like an open letter contemplating the human condition. The slow tempo and creepy sounds of the instrumental combined with 8corpses savage rhythm makes the track feel both claustrophobic and apocalyptic, a parallel reflection of how this existence can feel.

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