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Ezi Deth Suggests: Dark Synth/Electronic Recs #1

Eclectic Dark Synth/Electronic music recommendations. Playlist curated by Ezi Deth Rekords.

DEATHNYANN - 'illumina'

DEATHNYANN is the solo project of Minami Hoshikuma. She recently dropped her latest single ‘illumina’, which features guitarist and composer Daisuke Ehara.

It’s an incredibly infectious and hyperactive tune that will overwhelm your senses with a divergent mix of glitchy electronica, hyperpop and prog-metal riffs.

Check out the freaky video now!

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Ludovico Technique - 'Noise Is Gone'

Ludovico Technique is a Gothic Metal band formed by singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ben V. Their latest offering ‘Noise Is Gone’ is a sensual vampiric anthem for all those who dwell after light. Oozing with carnal energy, prepare to be seduced by steady industrial beats, deep-seated guitars and Ben V’s dark alluring vocals.

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Priest - 'A Signal in the Noise'

Allow yourself to be invited into the vast, dark artificial world of Priest with their new single ‘A Signal in the Noise’.

The Cyberpunk/Industrial synth trio flawlessly create a futuristic post-human experience, where machine has surpassed man. What would be the outcome of this bleak apocalyptic future? Cybernated drums, digital hooks, and cold electronic sounds accompanied by contagious robotic melodies. All of this makes the demise of humanity seem worth it in the end.

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The Birthday Massacre - 'Dreams of You'

The Birthday Massacre are back with ‘Dreams of You’, a lavish dark pop single from their upcoming album ‘Fascination’. It’s a gorgeous track filled with dreamy electronics, lush vocals and other-worldly atmospherics which are hyped up to a cinematic level.

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NNHMN - 'Magic Man'

NNHMN recently dropped the video for their song ‘Magic Man’ from their EP ‘Tomorrow’s Heroine’, which was released in 2021. It’s a surreal visual experience inspired by Berlin night culture which is amplified by the dizzying synth sounds, techno beats and icy hypnotic vocals of this dark-pop tune.

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