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Ezi Deth Suggests: Dark Synth/Electronic Recs #2

Hello and welcome to 'Ezi Deth Suggests: Dark Synth/Electronic Recs #2', an eclectic playlist curated by Ezi Deth Rekords.

Here are our top picks of our favourite deliciously dark electronic tracks on our radar. Just tunes, vibes and links. Dive in and enjoy!

1. Leathers - Highrise

Vibes: patrickbatemanwave.

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2. SEPHA. - To Breed

Vibes: deep space.

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3. when you sleep - Move On

Vibes: beauty in darkness.

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4. WINGTIPS - The Eye That Follows Suit (TRAITRS Remix)

Vibes: cyber romance.

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5. Korine - Train to Harlem

Vibes: last train home in night city.

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6. Mareux - Night Vision

Vibes: deadly desire.

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7. Sacred Skin - Killer’s Mind

Vibes: massacre at the disco.

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8. Nürnberg - Himn

Vibes: ice cold.

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