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Ezi Deth Suggests: GAUPA - 'Mammon'

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

GAUPA (lynx in Swedish) are a progressive stoner/doom band from Falun, Sweden. Their latest single is a 7 minute monster and like the origin of its title ‘Mammon’, it’s a tune of biblical proportion.

It begins with a ghostly introduction that feels like a summoning or ritual. Imagine yourself deep in the woods with incense smoke aroma and hooded druids gathering around a burning pentagram, it feels tribal and mysterious. The modulated hammer-on guitar riff interlocks with the bass in an interesting polyrhythm that builds tension, while the lead wails and echoes like a mysterious creature lurking in the background. An interesting note is that the intro is in 6/8 time, but the drums and bass are playing half time compared to the guitar riff. This leaves the perception of the time signature open, as at times it feels like the kick drum and bass could be in 4/4 while the the guitars are in 6/8 simultaneously.

Then the vocals enter akin to a spirit that has just been called upon. They are menacing and alluring, with the angular vocal melody delivered well controlled down to each exhale. The drums slowly escalate, tying in all of the other elements together and it sounds like a thunder storm brewing. Then a brief pause, the tension is relieved before the eruption that is the chorus. ‘You hate the way you can’t let me go’ is bellowed out by their lead vocalist and you really feel the sincerity, as the vocal performance is powerful and expressive. This is lifted by the driving force of the rhythm guitar and bass that sound gritty and threatening, supported by the thunderous drums. The lead guitar subtlety crawls around the mix with what sounds like a harmonic riff with an oscillating effect, which is a great contrast as it adds a further eerie depth.

The song concludes with a face melting jam with sabbath-esque riffs but thats enough waffling and fan-boying from me, you should just listen to the damn song!

For fans of Black Mountain, Tool.

Their awesome cover art was designed by Joan Belda.

Also, check out their debut full length album 'Feberdröm' that was released last year.

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