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Ezi Deth Suggests: Jealous - 'K​-​Hole ll'

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

Picture by May Aleksandra.

Jealous is a Berlin based band comprised of Dane Joe (bass & vocals), Paz Bonfil (guitar & vocals) and Uri Rennet (drums). The band’s sound is a diverse mash up of 70’s glam-rock, punk, garage, country and post-punk. Recently, they announced their new double EP ‘Lover / What’s Your Damage?’ that is being released August 13th via Oliver Ackermann’s (A Place To Bury Strangers) brand new label, ‘Dedstrange’. K​-​Hole ll’ is the first single from the double EP and the band describe it as a hint at the phasing highs and lows of a ketamine trip and its abstract relation to falling in love.

The intro sends you into the depths of a hazy dream-like state. Disjointed and sparse guitar notes create a lot of space for the thick fuzzy bass to cut deep through the mix, allowing the listener to feel each sub vibration through their bones. This combination makes you feel like you’re fading in and out of consciousness, while your mind slowly detaches from your body. A steady and creeping drum beat is the only element that stops you slipping too far. It guides you through the fog and prepares you for the upcoming journey - and this journey does not disappoint.

At the 2 minute mark, you are hit with the high and transported into a bizarre, upbeat country shuffle with bright open guitar chords, walking bass lines and slap back vocals. It’s a perfect example of Jealous’s seamless genre blending with their songwriting, while encapsulating the duality of the song’s theme. After a brief visit to back the introduction’s vaporousness in the breakdown, you are lifted back up to soaring heights with the airy guitar solo before the final chorus. Escalating drum fills, reverb soaked leads and ethereal backing vocals provided by SUCK guide you through the psychedelic outro, concluding the song on the high. The digital album and vinyl are both available now for preorder on their bandcamp.

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