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Ezi Deth Suggests: Metal Recs #1

Eclectic metal recommendations. Playlist curated by Ezi Deth Rekords.

Deviloof - 'Peer Pressure'

Are you a fan of violent drums, fast riffs and deathly growls, performed with enough vehemence to make your brain instantly exit your head via the back of your skull? Then say no more and prepare to be completely annihilated by deathcore outfit Deviloof’s blistering new track ‘Peer Pressure’.

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Malxolm Brixkhouse- 'Caroline'

Interlacing elements from hip-hop, emo rap, progressive metal and alternative 00’s metal, Malxolm Brixkhouse is sowing the seed for a new wave of ‘hip-hop-metal.’ Brixkhouse’s latest single ‘Caroline’ is haunting and heavy. Razor sharp guitar riffs and punchy tool-esque rhythms create a theatrical backdrop to sincere and introspective vocals that entice you into the darkness.

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Drowse - Wait and Bleed

Drowse’s rendition of Slipknot’s classic ‘Wait and Bleed’ is both incredibly cursed and incredibly brilliant. The creeping tempo and slimy, sludgy industrial sounds create a hazy nightmarish setting, from which there is no escape. This makes the lyrics feel even more poignant, as you feel like you are spiralling down into the darkest depths of the protagonist's mental state.

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Zetra - The Raven’s Game

Need a soundtrack for your grand epic quest? London based gothic-metal duo Zetra have you covered with their latest majestic offering ‘The Raven’s Game’, the first single from their upcoming EP ‘From Without’, which releases January 21st.

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Animals As Leaders - The Problem of Other Minds'

Instrumental progressive metal band Animals As Leaders drop their new song ‘The Problem of Other Minds’, from their upcoming 5th album, ‘Parrhesia’, which releases March 25th. This shimmering track effortlessly glides through odd time signatures with crisp drumming and oscillating guitar patterns. You feel weightless, drifting along in a hypnotic trance.

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