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Ezi Deth Suggests: Night Stalker - 'Mutilated for Eternity'

Night Stalker are a 5 piece Crossover Thrash/Black Metal band from Long Beach, California. They write fast and aggressive horror inspired tunes about serial killers and slashings, then perform them live in packed-out cemetery shows.

They recently released their debut demo ‘Mutilated for Eternity’, featuring 4 brand new malicious tracks, which are guaranteed to melt the skin and flesh off your bones and soundtrack your untimely demise downward into the fiery netherworld. You can expect unrelenting fast tempos with drums beaten and guitars shredded into oblivion with erratic solos, spearheaded by volatile barking vocals. The demo was also recorded through cassette to a sony boombox. This lo-fi approach gives the sound an evil quality that sounds centuries old, as if it's an ancient product of another dark realm. Check it out!

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