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Ezi Deth Suggests: Terror Forms - 'Opaque'

Terror Forms is a synthwave duo based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Their recent single ‘Opaque’ is beautifully produced and invites the listener into a dark and cinematic world.

The track immediately hits you with a relentless pulsating bass line and steady gated beat, each snare hit decay being absorbed into the vaporous atmospheric synth pads. This is nicely contrasted with the piercing icy lead arpeggios, which eerily crawl around the misty ambience creating tension and a sense of mystique. Pari’s vocals are ethereal and lure you in like something otherworldly. They are the perfect pairing to Ryan’s demiurgic synth work, creating an elegant and compelling force.

Check out the video below which was filmed and edited by Brendan Carpenter.

For fans of Hante and NNHMH.

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