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Ezi Deth Suggests: Xorsist - 'Xorsist'

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

Photo by Anna Hellman.

Xorsist are a death metal trio from Stockholm, Sweden. Forming in mid 2020, the current formation of the band consists of Gustav Ryderfelt (guitar & vocals), Ragnar Larsson, (lead guitar) and Marlon Clinton (Drums). They recently released their debut self titled single, featuring 2 songs ‘Cranial Nails’ and ‘Gold Beneath The Sand’.

The first track ‘Cranial Nails’ hits hard and heavy, with rampant thrash beats and supercharged palm-muted guitars. The deep growling vocals are introduced with a barrage of kick drums, which feel like an earthquake crumbling reinforced concrete foundations into dust. These are intertwined with aggressive chromatic riffs and volatile lead solos, filling every possible space. The band do not waste time in establishing themselves as a force of brutality.

‘Gold Beneath The Sand’ starts with a slow and looming melodic sequence, that contrasts nicely with the previous viciousness of the opener, demonstrating the bands versatility with their compositions. The sparse drum fills leave a lot of room to breathe for the lead guitar to ring out and wail feedback, creating a dark psychedelic atmosphere. As the intro fades out, rapid tremolo picked guitars accompanied by relentless blast beats guide you back into the chaos. Around the halfway mark of the song, the tempo abruptly changes and the listener is introduced to a thick and slow menacing guitar riff, of which the groove cuts deep into the feeling of this section.

Overall, this is a solid first release and we look forward to hearing a full album when the band head back into the studio.

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